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Membership benefits

$95.00 a month ( can cancel at anytime, pay through Pay Pal via your e-mails )
limited to only the first 300 agents ( id numbers will be issued for networking
benefits and for professional discounts through our business affiliates )

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Status : high priority inspections when you need them ( includes some Saturday inspections ( we know some homeowners demand to be home for inspections)

Includes analysis / recommendations ( to anyone involved in the transaction ) on any termite inspection on homes you are selling / buying / listing / or thinking of listing , whether they are from us or when you e-mail us other companies reports. The analysis will include our going over reports to make sure all of the vital concerns are covered, including : fair pricing, exact location and description of wood to be treated or removed, guarantee disclosures that protect you and your customers interests / liabilities.

Scheduling - at your option, we will call and schedule with your customers and whichever termite company that you select to do the termite work. ( helps to have someone licensed and trained in the industry to make sure no one is taken advantage of.)
Realtors that are members will have their names and hyper links on out web site.

We plan on marketing our services to homeowners who are shopping at valued lumber / home centers to help them choose the right termite / fungus solutions for their
homes, as well as introducing them to OUR valued Realtors for their real estate concerns. ( we hope to network "not listed yet" homeowners to our Realtors and will include 30% discounts on any work that they need, if they use one of our Realtors that are listed on our website....TermiteAdvisors.com )

We hope to have point of sale / education kiosks at several participating businesses that cater to homeowners, that will play an endless loop tape on a monitor, demonstrating the value of choosing the right products and termite services, showing houses and damaged areas that are treated / repaired correctly.

We also hope to show some of our Realtors homes or their hyper links to catch the attention of shoppers, on this video.

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Termite Advisors
P.O. Box 878
Jamul, CA 91935

Termite Advisors
P.O. Box 878
Jamul, CA 91935

TermiteAdvisors.com P.O. Box 878 Jamul, CA 91935 Contact Bill Evans at: 619-248-3426

email us at: bill@termiteadvisors.com