TermiteAdvisors.com-Realtors Advocate Program

Introducing-The Realtor Advocate Program
Our Goal:
Advise and consult with Realtors on termite inspection reports. When Sale of home enters escrow and termite inspections are required, TermiteAdvisors.com can either do the termite inspection/work, or review already completed termite inspections.

Realtor Needs:
A myriad of problems threatens every home sale, not the least of which is the termite inspection report. When termite services are recommended it is extremely difficult to know if the services are truly necessary, or if the work was completed as promised. This along with concern over inflated costs—AND WHO WILL PAY—can become a deal breaker. This is when a realtor really needs help. That is why we developed the “Realtor Advocate Program”.

Help for the Realtor:
Through a unique program--never before seen in the industry--TermiteAdvisors.com will review any termite inspection report and if necessary conduct a follow-up on-site in evaluation—AT NO COST.

Knowledge can be power, but in this case it can be a deal-saver. You’ve heard of second opinions before surgery…now get a second opinion on the termite inspection report and potentially save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs.

When to use the Realtor Advocate Program:
Repairs to termite damage areas can literally run into the thousands of dollars. When this happens the seller may resist and demand that the buyer pay a portion. At this point counter-productive and nerve racking bickering often begins. You may be able to avoid this entirely with a second opinion from TermiteAdvisors.com.

How it Works:
Email or fax the termite inspection to TermiteAdvisors.com. Our Structural Pest Control Board certified inspectors will review every aspect of the written inspection. If verification is needed we will conduct another on-site inspection. You will receive another complete written inspection at no cost.

Is There a Catch?
We want to grow our business and earning your trust and confidence as the “preferred” termite inspection referral is our number one goal. What better way to earn your business than to offer a service that can help when you need it most? It is the classic win-win.

Who Qualifies?
Whether you are the top producer, or the future top producer, you are eligible as long as we hear from you within the next 90 days. Naturally, we can’t do free follow-up inspection for every agent in the county, so we are offering this to a limited number of agents.

You might not need to use the service now, but we would like hear from you to become part of our exclusive Realtor Advocate Program. To ensure high levels of service this program is limited to the first 30 registrants.

What do you need to do in return?
Just register and call us to review a termite inspection report, or hire TermiteAdvisors.com for an inspection report within the next 90 days.

You’ll Be In Good Company…
We are proud to welcome the following award-winning realtors to the Realtor Advocate Program: Bob Blessing, Rip Fritzer, Donna Metcalf, Bryan and LeeAnn Yarbor, Ty Guarnotta, Josh Nottingham ,Tim Proctor, Greg Schwab.

REGISTER NOW BY….e-mailing us your business information.


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Termite Advisors
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